The partnership came together in June 2012 following publication of the Food Growing in Schools Taskforce Report earlier in that year. The partnership has grown and evolved since then, broadening our aims to support schools and the wider community around them in the development and delivery of outdoor experiential learning that builds skills, environmental awareness, a lifelong healthy relationship with food and an understanding of its production and preparation. We achieved this by running full day, and twilight training sessions, facilitating an email group, What’s App group and Facebook group, where school staff, volunteers and the wider community can share questions and ideas, networking with schools and organisations around Devon to build practical growing skills and skill-sharing. 

Devon-wide Engagement

This map shows the spread of schools engaged in GDSP activities throughout Devon. Taking into account the number of pupils enrolled in the schools that have engaged with GDSP activities, it is estimated that the impact of GDSP training could reach up to 10203 pupils across Devon. 

Meet The Team

Annkatrin Hendry

Annkatrin helps to coordinate the partnership, organising and delivering training and events. As well as this she works at Moretonhampstead Primary School where she is in charge of the outdoor learning area and runs sessions and clubs. She is a tutor for TouchwoodSouthwest delivering practical skills workshops in schools – using natural materials for traditional crafts. Her background is in teaching and pedagogy, but she also grows vegetables, makes compost and has a working horse who helps with  jobs round the farm.   

Melissa Harvey

Melissa helps to coordinate the partnership, organising and delivering training and events. She also works at a community market garden growing vegetables and herbs and for Bicton College teaching accredited practical horticulture courses. Previously she worked for Devon Community Composting Network as the composting schools assistant, and for Community Action Groups as project assistant. She has a background in environmental education including working at the Centre for Alternative Technology, as a Forest School Leader.

Nicky Scott aka Dr Compost

Nicky’s background is in art, theatre and music. He has studied organic horticulture and subsequently set up his own market garden. He has also taught composting and organic principles for several years and in 1992 set up a community composting project. For around 16 years Nicky coordinated the Devon Community Compost Network whose work was strongly involved with supporting schools in relation to establishing their own composting systems. He is now involved in various projects including Moor Meadows, Bioblitz, teaching on Permaculture courses as well as Growing Devon Schools. He has written numerous articles and books on the subject of composting and organic growing.