The main focus of the partnership is collaboration, working together to support, guide and inspire schools in Devon to initiate and develop their outdoor space supporting growing and related projects that promote a sense of wonder, intrigue and ownership for the wider environment.

Our own projects

The partnership will initiate a range of it’s own projects with in the county including training events and programs, one off events to engage & inspire and events that encourage networking between schools & teachers who share common goals & interests.

Working with others

We will work with other individuals, groups & organisations to establish collaborative projects that may have a regional, county wide or more local focus.

Promoting others

We are very happy to promote and support projects that we are not directly involved with as long as they fit with our core principles and align with our primary aims.

National initiatives

One of our key work areas will be to maintain links and work with broader regionally and nationally focused projects & initiatives that may support and influence our main work areas.