Understanding and valuing the natural world

Engaging with and understanding the natural environment should form an essential part of every child’s education. If children are to understand their impacts and interactions with the natural world it is vital that they experience that world. If this interaction can be supported through their activities while at school they will have opportunity to develop an understanding and value  of the interconnections of the world we live in.

Chanigng values for environment & nature

Nowadays 10% of children play in the natural environment compared to 40% of adults when they were young. This ‘extinction of experience’  has a detrimental long-term impact on environmental attitudes and behaviors.

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State of Nature Report

From the hill-walker marveling at an eagle soaring overhead, to a child enthralled by a ladybird on their fingertip, we can all wonder at the variety of life around us. However, even the most casual of observers may have noticed that all is not well.

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Green skills and the economy

 Energy consumption is set to grow by a third over the next two decades alone. In a race for limited resources it is the energy-efficient that will win that race, it is the countries that prioritize green energy that will secure the biggest share of jobs and growth.

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